We are a professional foodservice sales agency servicing the Carolinas region. When Harvest Foods, Inc. was formed on January 1, 1997, it was with the commitment to always strive for excellence.  Excellence in service, excellence in reputation, excellence in professionalism.

That commitment still holds true today.  At AFM-Harvest  there is the philosophy that being the best does not mean you have to be the largest.  We have determined that what people want today is the personal touch.  They want to call and speak to a live person, not an automated machine.  They want to see their salesperson on a regular basis, not just at meetings or food shows.  People want to know that their needs are being addressed, their questions are being answered and that they are considered important to our business.

Our main goal is for each and every one of our clients to reap untold benefits from the service, flexibility, vision and experience of AFM-Harvest.



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